Sussex Prime Catch Box (subscription)

From: £85.00 every 4 weeks

Caught by Local Fishermen

If you’ve ever wondered why the fillets of fish you eat in restaurants always look more substantial and taste so much better than you achieve at home – it’s because the chefs reserve the prime fillets before the likes of us can get our hands on them!

But not any more! This ‘prime fillet’ box is perfect for foodies, coineuseurs or fancy-food-fans as it contains exactly those fillets usually reserved by the hospitality industry. Cut from the thicker, fattier parts of the largest fish, expect nothing but luxury from your delivery.

Still seasonal, still caught within the last 48 hours – the fillets are unbeatably fresh. And by allowing us to choose your fish you are immediately becoming a more responsible consumer of seafood – eat local and seasonal to protect our seas and its bounty. 

  • also available for one off orders
  • 12 boneless prime fillets of the largest fish directly caught off the Sussex coast. To the value of £85.
  • Our expert team will hand pick a selection of fish on the morning of dispatch, prepare and pack it ready to go.  Fish choices depend on seasonality.
  • A great way to try a wide variety of fish. Net and line caught in the most sustainable way.
  • Check out the “our fleet” page for more information on the boats that catch your fish!!