At some point in the hazy 1970’s a Brighton fisherman found a way to ensure a fair price for both his and his fellow fisherman’s catch by creating a network of contacts around the UK and overseas to whom they could sell.

Over time, more and more fisherman from around the Sussex Coast recognised the job he was doing and started to land their catch to him, and Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales (BNFS) was born. 

In the 50 years since, the company has gone from strength to strength and is built around the fundamental value of supporting the South Coast’s thriving fishing community. Our

fleet now consists of over 50 fishing vessels and 200 fishermen who land their catch with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During the pandemic, as many food providers did, we began to offer a home delivery service. It was rough and ready but did the job of ensuring that people could keep fresh seafood on their plate and, of equal importance, that our fisherman could keep working.

The service proved incredibly popular, with more and more demand for our ‘boat to plate’ transparency which few online fishmongers can offer. Having our own fleet of fishing boats means we have ownership of the

entire supply chain giving you, the customer, complete confidence not just in the freshness and quality of our fish, but that our fishermen carry out their work responsibly, sustainably and are well paid for it.

With the increase in popularity for the service, it felt the right time to allow home delivery to make a name for itself beyond the confines of Brighton & Newhaven, so Fish At Home was created. None of our values or promises have changed and, more importantly, the quality of the seafood hasn’t changed – the only difference is that you can now order the South Coast’s amazing seafood from wherever you are in the UK.

Our founder Peter Leach making nets on Brighton beach
Reopening of Brighton’s fish market after the war
Brighton beach fishermen dating back to 1900

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