How to BBQ Fish – The Fish At Home Guide

We love BBQ season here at Fish At Home, simply because of the many different flavours you can play with to change up your BBQ. However, not everybody may be as used to grilling fish as they are burgers, so read on below for our best tips and suggestions to get the tastiest results from grilling your fish…


Watch the heat

When it comes to BBQing fish, keep an eye on the heat of the grill. Never place your fish on a high searing heat. It needs to be cooked on a medium-hot part of the BBQ so that you don’t risk burning the skin before the middle of the fish is cooked! Avoid flames at all cost – flames are often caused by fat running off the fish, so keep a close eye and move your fish around if needs be!


It’s all about flavour

We love flavour, and so does your fish. When BBQing fish, make sure you’re using the best flavours to compliment. If you need some inspiration as to what flavours you could be using for the grill, take a look at our handy blog post detailing our top 5 marinades for BBQing fish.


The key to crispy skin

When it comes to grilling fillets of fish as opposed to whole fish, start off by cooking skin side down. Turn the fish when the skin is golden and crispy. If fish skin is cooked properly on the BBQ, it can be delicious!


For a smokey flavour…

A popular method of obtaining a smokey flavour to your BBQ’d fish is by wrapping it in newspaper! Wrapping fish in newspaper will keep it juicy. Wrap your fish in several layers of paper, soaking the parcel in water – the smoking paper will add more flavour to your fish dish – just be careful that it doesn’t catch fire. 


The flake test


You can test to see whether your fish is cooked by pushing apart a piece of the flesh, and seeing whether it separates into flakes easily. Also ensure that it’s piping hot in the middle, and has changed colour throughout. 


So, what are you waiting for?! Take a browse through our selection of BBQ ready fish, fire up your BBQ and enjoy! Check out our recipe page for more inspiration too!


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