Our top 5 marinades for BBQ-ing fish

Hello and welcome back to the Fish At Home Blog where we are SUPER excited, because BBQ season is finally upon us. We’ve pulled together 5 mouth-watering marinades for you to try with our fresh and local fish for your next BBQ! Scroll down to read on…


Asian Ginger BBQ Marinade 

Explore the flavours of Asia with this ginger marinade, with garlic and soy sauce.


Coconut and Lime BBQ Marinade

Try something summery and refreshing for your next BBQ with this coconut & lime marinade – you could even spice it up by adding some chilli flakes.


Garlic & Chilli BBQ Marinade

Combine two popular flavours with this garlic & chilli marinade, perfect for using with our yummy prawns.


Honey Mustard BBQ Marinade

Go down the more traditional yet tasty route with this honey mustard BBQ marinade – perfect smeared over tuna steaks.


Soy Sauce & Brown Sugar BBQ Marinade

Cover your fish in this indulgent soy sauce & brown sugar marinade before grilling for a BBQ treat…


We hope you can take some inspiration from these fantastic marinades, feel free to share your BBQs on social media and tag us so we can see!