What’s The Catch – April

Welcome to ‘What’s The Catch?’ – Our monthly blog where we tell you what fish are in season down here on the South Coast of Sussex. You can eat more sustainably by eating fish that is currently in season – by doing so you’re not only saving fish stocks, but you’re getting the freshest fish you could possibly get, straight to your door! Take a look at some of the yummy fish we have for April…


Bass is a tasty fish with a firm, meaty texture. It is great pan-fried, grilled or even baked, and is a great source of protein.


Dover Sole

Dover Sole has a delicate, mild, buttery flavour with a soft but meaty texture, and are full of health boosting vitamins. You can check out some yummy recipes for inspirations by clicking here



Another perfect fish for sharing, and widely considered to be one of the most highly prized fish in the sea; this fish is caught along the Sussex coastline by our inshore day boat fleet and has a delicious subtle flavour.



Hake is a very popular fish in Spanish cooking, and is a great ‘fish and chips’ alternative for cod or haddock. It is also a fantastic source of minerals!


Lemon Sole

Lemon Sole is a delicious flat fish with delicate flesh and a sweet flavour, and is an excellent source of B12 (promoting healthy blood) and B3 (for healthy skin).



Skate has a succulent, meaty texture and is full of health boosting vitamins and minerals.


Our monkfish is plentiful and sustainable, and a highly versatile fish. It’s firm, meaty flesh and sweet flavour makes it a perfect choice for curries, stews and stir fry. Not only this, it has many health benefits including brain boosting B-vitamins, high protein and low fat!

There’s plenty of yummy, sustainable and fresh fish to choose from our April seasonality picks – keep your eyes peeled through the month for some delicious recipes to help you get creative.